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Raising Families: Keys to Supporting Adolescent Mental Health

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A conversation with Dr. Dana Udall, Ginger's Chief Clinical Officer, and Dr. Dena Scott, Adolescent Services Coordinator, about the state of adolescent mental health in the U.S.

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Dr. Dana Udall

Chief Clinical Officer, Ginger

Dena Scott circle

Dr. Dena Scott

Adolescent Services Coordinator, Ginger

Adolescence -- we've all been there. Yet despite having first-hand experience with the struggles of teenagehood, it can be hard to know how to support teens through this period of intense physical and psychological change. 75% of mental health issues have an onset between adolescence and young adulthood (13 - 24) and 20% of youth aged 13 - 18 have a mental health disorder.

Despite this well-established need, only a third of those surveyed in the US report undergoing treatment. It's not just teens themselves at risk, mental health is a family affair with impacts that ripple across the entire family system.

Join Ginger’s Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Dana Udall, a psychologist and mother of two teens and Dr. Dena Scott, Adolescent Services Coordinator for a candid conversation about the state of adolescent mental healthcare in the U.S., and the pivotal role that employers can play in supporting the mental health of employees and their families.

We'll discuss

  • How to support employees in accessing youth-friendly mental health services

  • A proven framework for building healing environments for teens

  • How a whole-family approach to mental health benefits both employees and employers


63% of working parents have reported reducing their hours in order to care for a child with a mental health condition.


- Employed Parents of Children With Mental Health Disorders Report

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See why proper mental health support for working families in an age of turmoil and uncertainty is vital for employees and employers alike.