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Behavioral Health Coaching: The Key to Effective, Scaled Care

Learn why leading employers are offering behavioral health coaching as a mental health benefit.

Featured Speakers

Justin Hunt

Head of Psychiatry at Ginger

Heather Muszynski

Head of Coaching at Ginger

Nicola Kamath

Head of Product Marketing at Ginger

About the Webinar

Behavioral health coaching is on the rise, with 66% of Americans preferring to text a coach immediately over waiting to see a therapist in-person. What is coaching, who can benefit from it, and why do leading employers offer it in their benefit suite?

In this webinar, we demonstrate how coaching is solving for barriers in access to mental health care. Coaches come from diverse backgrounds and credentials, and empower individuals to reduce stress, reach goals, and feel supported in the process. By championing behavior change for anyone, any time, anywhere, coaching gives employees a chance at their best.


  • What is coaching and why is it preferred among diverse employee populations
  • How coaching works alongside therapy, psychiatry, and EAPs for comprehensive mental health care
  • Why leading employers like Sephora, Pinterest, and BuzzFeed offer coaching as an employee benefit
  • How Ginger supercharges its human coaches with a Collaborative Intelligence platform for instant, personalized care

83% of Americans experience stress on a regular basis and aren’t getting the help they need through existing therapy networks.

- 2019 Workforce Attitudes Toward Behavioral Health
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