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According to Gallup, an employee experiencing burnout is 2.6x more likely to seek a new job and 62% more likely to take a sick day than an employee who feels energized in their job.

As we head into another uncertain year, take these five steps to help your employees prevent burnout before it starts. Motivated employees lead to a happier, more stable workforce. 


  • How to recognize the signs of burnout
  • Why it’s important to prioritize mental health in the workplace
  • How successfully communicating about benefits plans can increase engagement and reduce stigma

“Burned-out employees are 2.6 x as likely to be actively seeking a new job.”


Curious about how Ginger can help your organization?

Take a look at this Ginger report: 2021 Workforce Attitudes Toward Mental Health. See the “last mile” challenge: effectively communicating to employees all that is available to them.

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