“Partnering with Ginger furthers our mission to provide well-rounded benefits to our people.”

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Making Emotional Health a Company-wide Priority

In 2015, BuzzFeed teams collaborated on a mental health-focused content sprint across all platforms. Inspired by the experience, employees started to ask what more could be done internally at the company for mental health. The People Operations team at BuzzFeed, lead by Chief People Officer, Lenke Taylor, began to investigate ways to close the gap between the limited options available through traditional behavioral healthcare and what their employees needed. Yet, they struggled to find current behavioral health care options that were convenient and easy to access. To improve offerings, BuzzFeed switched to a fully-insured trust and began to investigate better emotional and health care solutions.


“Ginger’s services have been well-received by our team and furthers our mission to provide well-rounded benefits to our people. It was a natural next step to expand this offering to additional BuzzFeed offices in other parts of the world,” says Lenke Taylor, chief people officer at BuzzFeed.

The Impact at BuzzFeed

Ginger’s on-demand behavioral health solution was able to provide BuzzFeed employees with 24/7 emotional support through coaching, therapy and psychiatry. With Ginger, BuzzFeed employees can chat with an emotional health coach at any time of the day or night as well as receive therapy or psychiatry video sessions as needed, without having to wait weeks for an appointment. To get started, BuzzFeed launched Ginger as a pilot program that they rolled out to just the U.S. Editorial Team. However, after the U.S. presidential elections in 2016, BuzzFeed saw that their employees needed immediate support and they rolled the program out to their entire U.S. team—increasing sign-ups for Ginger by over 6x. In June 2018, they expanded their program internationally, offering free emotional support coaching to employees in Canada, Australia and Germany.

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