On Demand Webinar

BuzzFeed Reimagines Employee Mental Healthcare

Learn how BuzzFeed launched an on-demand support benefit and saw phenomenal employee engagement

Featured Speakers

Lenke Taylor

Chief People Officer at BuzzFeed

Karan Singh

Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer at Ginger.io

Janaera J. Gaston

Director of Educational Programs, North East Business Group

About the Webinar

Attracting and retaining diverse talent is a top priority for the modern-day employer. Yet existing behavioral health options, such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), fail to meet the needs of the modern workforce, with merely 5% employee utilization on average. In this webinar, learn how BuzzFeed launched a mental health service that transformed the employee experience for 36% of their workforce – including journalists, technologists, advertisers, and more.


  • How to build a benefits portfolio that supports a diverse workforce
  • Why 88% of U.S. employers are prioritizing behavioral health programs
  • How to improve employee utilization of your mental health benefits
  • What on-demand behavioral healthcare can do for your workforce

We found that employees had emotional care needs beyond therapy and counseling that weren’t being looked after....[and] insurance companies hadn’t progressed around the space of mental health and emotional support.

- Lenke Taylor, Chief People Officer, BuzzFeed

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