From Episodic to Continuous Care

How on-demand behavioral healthcare is evolving the workplace.

Buzzfeed employees don't wait weeks for support.

Life happens in real time

Stresses and triggers don’t adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule. Yet employees wait several weeks to talk to a trained professional. When support is available on-demand, people can get the care they need, right when they’re ready.


are more likely to use a behavioral health benefit if it was accessible anytime from a smartphone.*

* 2019 Employee Experience of Behavioral Health, Ginger Annual Report (early findings). Publication: April 2019

On-demand is in-demand

Regardless of whether your employees have desk jobs, are road warriors, or are standing on their feet all day, they’re going to need help. Employees should feel empowered to get help, right when then need it, from a place and time that is discreet and convenient for them. On-demand solutions like Ginger are available anytime, right through a smartphone.

Clarity and guidance, not judgement

Friends can be a great source of comfort and empathy when life gets tough. But, often times you need unbiased support to get past a barrier, chart a path forward, or just get perspective. Trained behavioral health coaches, like those at Ginger, can provide employees with guidance, or to help them to build skills.

Each of Ginger’s behavioral health coaches undergo approximately


of training and supervision every year.


Not everyone needs therapy

When you think of employees getting mental healthcare, you might think only of those who need help from a therapist or psychiatrist. But most times, most people don't have a "clinical" need. In fact, the majority of members don't have symptoms of depression or anxiety that would warrant clinical care. At Ginger, we don't believe that you need a diagnosis to need help.

Support between therapy sessions

For people who are engaged in therapy and psychiatry, on-demand coaching can be highly beneficial. Behavioral health coaches can serve as a continuous source of support to manage the ups and downs of life between sessions. They can also help to support skill-building and other goal-oriented exercises assigned by a therapist.

Ginger provides wide


from behavioral health coaching, to virtual therapy and psychiatry.

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