Today’s workplace is rapidly reshaping the way we work, and employees are looking to employers to provide benefits that fit with their lives. Research shows that while 93% of employers offer an EAP, only about half of employees are aware they have access to one, and only 3-5% of employees utilize their EAP.

While traditional EAPs offer a variety of resources, they often do not meet every level of need, whether it’s more comprehensive support, longer-term care, or help making a life change. The Ginger EAP takes into account the evolving new needs of today’s workforce, and goes even further to promote positive culture change. The Ginger EAP offers well-rounded comprehensive support for every level of need, including behavioral health coaching, therapy, work-life services, and support that can address causes of health inequities, helping your employees live happier, healthier lives.

In this report, you’ll learn about: 

  • The value of an elevated EAP with comprehensive mental healthcare at its core
  • How to meet employees where they are with many ways to access resources and engaging communications to reduce stigma
  • How Ginger EAP helps create a more engaged, happier, and healthier workforce