On-Demand Webinar

Supporting Employee Mental Health During Uncertain Times

Learn how an on-demand virtual mental health system can offer effective, scalable care to dispersed workforces now and in the future.

Featured Speakers

Dana Udall

Chief Clinical Officer at Ginger

Jerrod Helms

Head of Sales at Ginger

About the Webinar

During these uncertain times, employers are recognizing that supporting employee mental health is essential. However, the shortage of mental health providers is impeding access to care for an increasingly remote workforce dealing with heightened stress and anxiety. This is a call to action for an innovative approach to care delivery: a virtual mental health system.

In this webinar, we evaluate existing models of mental healthcare and consider what’s working and what’s failing. We demonstrate how with a different design of care, a virtual mental health system can address the access gaps and unlock outcomes. The collaboration between mental health coaches and clinicians -- supported by a technology platform -- offers quality and scale to help anyone, at anytime, from anywhere.


  • Why existing mental healthcare approaches and point solutions present a fragmented experience
  • What a mental health system is and how it bridges access gaps while catering to diverse employee needs
  • How a system boosts employee engagement and unlocks measurable outcomes at scale

While experts predict COVID-19 will boost the demand for behavioral health services, the industry is already grappling with widespread workforce shortages.

- Behavioral Health Business, March 13, 2020
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