About the webinar:

It's been dubbed the Great Resignation, the Great Reckoning, the Great Attrition. In the midst of grappling with the continued uncertainty of Covid-19, employees are quitting their jobs at historic rates.. Whether driven by chronic burnout, reluctancy to return to an in-person workplace, or to pursue a better work-life balance, over 21 million Americans voluntarily left their jobs from July through November 2021.

With no signs of slowing down, the nation’s workforce is going through a global reset. As Americans across all industries reconsider how they live and work, mental health support from their employers will be key to keeping them healthy, happy, and productive. Join Headspace Health for a candid discussion into how leading employers, health plans, and mental health companies are coming together to address employee well-being to support a thriving post-pandemic experience.


  • Explore current trends and attitudes around mental health and wellbeing
  • Understand shifting mental health needs and the important role employers play in holistically addressing them
  • Learn how taking a preventative approach to wellness can help stem the tide of our mental health crisis
  • Understand which solutions are showing innovative and promising outcomes

“53% of employers are experiencing greater voluntary turnover than in previous years and 64% expect this trend to continue or worsen."

McKinsey, 2021