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How Vox Media Enabled Authenticity for its Diverse Workforce



Ensuring employees can come to work as their most authentic selves

About Vox Media:

Vox Media’s leaders recognized that to be truly inclusive and to cultivate a sense of belonging meant bringing an often overlooked dimension of diversity into the forefront: mental health.

To prioritize mental health for its employees whose stress and anxiety were exacerbated by the issues on which they reported, Vox Media turned to Ginger.

This case study discusses how Vox Media:

  • Addressed stressors inherent to reporting, and made worse by the events of 2020.
  • Enabled employees to show up as their most authentic selves.
  • Created a sense of belonging for employees through quality mental healthcare.


Stress and anxiety contributes 82.6% of the emotional health cases working people suffer. One out of every four people says their job is the top stressor in their life.


- World Health Organization

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Curious about how Ginger can help?

Take a look at this Ginger report: 2021 Workforce Attitudes Toward Mental Health. See the “last mile” challenge: effectively communicating to employees all that is available to them.