Getting Behavioral Healthcare When You Need It

Why it’s so hard and what HR leaders can do about it

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Behavioral health affects everyone

Chances are, you or someone you know has been affected by a behavioral health issue. Yet, despite how widespread the need is, accessing high-quality care is a major challenge.
Of Americans report experiencing daily symptoms of stress
Americans experience some form of mental illness and nearly 50% of those affected will go untreated

When care isn’t available, everyone pays the price

Much like physical health, when behavioral health problems aren’t treated early on, the costs can increase tenfold.
Increased medical costs are higher for patients with chronic behavioral health issues
Annual cost of stress related health care and missed work for U.S. employers

What’s standing in the way?

The traditional ways of getting care are inconvenient, difficult to navigate.

Long wait-times and no access to in-the-moment support

Is the average wait period for psychiatry appointments

It’s near-impossible to find a behavioral health provider

U.S. counties don’t have a single psychiatrist within their borders

Why we need on–demand behaviorial healthcare

When powered by mobile-first technology, behavioral health care can be accessed at anytime—providing an immediate way to get care.

Access to better care in seconds

or less is the response time you can get from a Ginger coach when you need emotional support—even at 2am

Providing measurement-based care

Of Ginger members surveyed in the last year reported feeling better within 12 weeks

Care delivered straight to your pocket

Americans own a smartphone

A truly superhuman team of emotional health coaches

Of training are provided to our coaches year round

Questions? Talk to a product expert.

Chat with a Ginger team member to learn more about our coaching experience.

Better, for Everyone.

With Ginger, provide your entire population with an on-demand behavioral health experience through high-quality, measurement-based care, backed by clinical outcomes.
Measurement-based care, backed by clinical outcomes
Fits right in with your existing behavioral health benefits
All within an experience that people love