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Peaceful Parenting in Chaotic Times

Take a sneak peek of this Ginger member class: Peaceful Parenting in Chaotic Times. Preview what your employees would have access to with Ginger. 

Featured Speakers

Ron Craker, PsyD

Staff Psychologist, Ginger

Azka Bashir, LMFT

Therapist, Ginger

About the Webinar

Did you know that 80% of parents who are both working remotely during the pandemic will also be handling child care and education?

It is critical that employers support working parents during these unprecedented times. Take a sneak peek of this class two Ginger therapists ran for our members- one example of the support your employees would have access to with Ginger.

Class Description: If you’re like most parents, you’ve noticed that your stress level can have an impact on your child and make it hard for you to be the kind of parent you want to be. But, there are techniques that can help you be more present and patient with your child.
Ginger therapists Ron Craker, PsyD, and Azka Bashir, LMFT share tips and strategies to help you create a supportive environment, communicate clearly, and enjoy your child immensely -- even during times of chaos.


13% of working parents have considered quitting their jobs.

- Supporting Working Parents’ Mental Health This School Year, September 2020

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