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Extending Vital
Mental Health
Benefits to Teens

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How the Ginger virtual care model improves access and outcomes for working parents and their families

Fifty percent of all mental health conditions start by the age of 14, with most cases undetected or untreated. Parents are on the front line of this day-to-day struggle.

The imbalance between supply and demand for adolescent mental healthcare is resulting in an average wait time of eight weeks for an appointment with a provider. Teens are simply not getting the care they need.

Ginger is proud to offer Ginger for Teens, a new service that provides timely, quality care right to a smartphone. Ginger for Teens helps alleviate the pressure on parents to manage it all by delivering convenient, confidential care to their teens when they need it most.

This report covers how Ginger: 

  • Eases the burden on caregivers and parents
  • Meets teens where they are
  • Delivers evidence-based care with measurable outcomes


43% of young adults between the ages 18 and 34 are concerned about their own mental health.


-  Aetna Survey

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Curious about how Ginger can help?

Take a look at this Ginger report: 2021 Workforce Attitudes Toward Mental Health. See the “last mile” challenge: effectively communicating to employees all that is available to them.