On Demand Webinar

Mastering Mindfulness in the Workplace

This webinar is an example of Ginger's employee-focused content that explains how a mindfulness practice can help create a better workplace experience.

Featured Speakers

Heather Muszynski

Head of Coaching at Ginger

Erica Hayes

Behavioral Health Coach & Community Manager at Ginger

About the Webinar

Misconceptions around mindfulness abound – there’s not enough time in the day, a mindfulness practice detracts from productivity – yet science dispels these myths time and time again. Studies have shown that practicing mindfulness stimulates brain function – improving focus, enhancing interpersonal skills, and reducing stress – in the workplace and beyond. This on-demand webinar offers a glimpse into the curated content that is distributed to employees of Ginger's clients.


  • What mindfulness is (and what it isn’t)
  • The science behind how mindfulness works
  • How mindfulness creates a healthier and more productive workplace

In a nutshell, mindfulness is the ability to recognize what is happening in your mind right now—anger, jealousy, sadness, the pain of a stubbed toe, whatever—without getting carried away by it

- Dan Harris, 10% Happier

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