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Quality in Mental Healthcare: Measuring What Matters



Learn why quality measurement is critical in mental health and how Ginger’s system of care allows us to measure, understand, and improve quality for members. 

About the report:

Despite movement towards value-based and patient-centered care, mental healthcare lags behind in adoption and implementation of quality measures. High-quality care is key to achieving improved clinical outcomes and it is crucial that mental health solutions build robust quality programs that ensure evidence-based, personalized care.

This report covers:

  • Why quality in mental health is important, but difficult to measure
  • How quality measurement leads to measurement-based care and value-based care
  • How Ginger’s system architecture uniquely positions us to understand and improve mental healthcare quality


Stress and anxiety contributes 82.6% of the emotional health cases working people suffer. One out of every four people says their job is the top stressor in their life.


- World Health Organization