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Ready, Set, Engage: Tackling a Universal, Digital Health Challenge

Watch this discussion on how employers and health plans can use digital health solutions to be effective for new and existing members.

Featured Speakers

Nicola Kamath

VP Product Marketing, Ginger

Busy Burr

COO, Carrot

Divya Bhat

VP Engineering and Product, Virta Health

About the Webinar

Digital health solutions are a step change in empowering employees and members to take an active role in managing their health. In addition to saving countless lives, digital health programs provide people affordable access to effective treatments and preventative care — in highly personalized, mobile and convenient ways.

The most innovative employers and health plans have embraced digital health solutions wholeheartedly. However, they all face the same challenge: Effectively attracting employees and members into these programs.

On February 25, 2021, Carrot hosted a roundtable discussion with representatives from three premier digital health companies: Nicola Kamath, VP Product Marketing at Ginger, Divya Bhat, VP of Engineering and Product at Virta Health and Busy Burr, COO at Carrot. The panelists will discuss how to realistically meet the challenge of enrolling and retaining 100% of an eligible population into a digital health program, offering tactical insights on:


  • Generating interest through effective outreach
  • Keeping members engaged, whether the program is 6 weeks or lifelong
  • Re-engaging members who drop off and continuing to capture new members as the program grows.

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- Third Annual Workforce Attitudes Towards Mental HealthReport, February 2021
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