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Building Resilient Teams: Exploring Mental Health as a Pillar of DEI

Watch this discussion with SHRM and Vox Media on the importance of diversity and mental health in the workplace.

Featured Speakers

Christopher Clermont (he/him)

Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Vox Media LLC

Désirée Pascual

Chief People Officer, Ginger

About the Webinar

The past year saw a perfect storm of events that necessitated individuals and businesses alike to examine issues like racial injustice, systematic inequality, and bias of all types through a more critical lens. For HR leaders in particular, the dominant question became how to foster diverse, psychologically safe spaces that allow employees to show up as their complete and authentic selves. To be truly inclusive is to bring to the forefront an often overlooked dimension of diversity: mental health.

Join Ginger and Vox Media for a candid conversation around the intersection of mental health and DEI, and learn how to leverage this overlap to support employee well-being.


  • How diverse demographics experience mental health differently
  • How to embrace mental health as an essential element of your DEI vision and strategy
  • How to assess and implement culturally competent mental health solutions

93% of employees believe that companies
that have strong emotional and mental health support for employees
will be more likely to survive the impact of COVID-19.

- Employee Mental Health in a Post-Pandemic World Report, October 2020

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