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The Mental Health Benefit Employees are Demanding

91% of employees believe their employer should care about their emotional wellbeing

Featured Speakers

Dana Udall

National Medical Director at Ginger

Mike Frost

Content Manager and Editor at SHRM

Nicola Kamath

Head of Product Marketing at Ginger

About the Webinar

New research from Ginger's 2019 Workforce Attitudes Towards Behavioral Health Report reveals a shifting tide in the way workers perceive and prioritize behavioral health. The modern worker expects behavioral health services from their employer, with inadequate care resulting in employee dissatisfaction and high turnover. In this on-demand webinar, we present key findings from the report, as well as tips for employers to better support diverse behavioral health needs in order to attract and retain talent.


  • Surprising trends around how stress impacts the workforce
  • Obstacles workers face in accessing behavioral health services
  • Importance of mental health benefits to job seekers
  • How attitudes toward behavioral health services are changing

48% of people have cried at work due to stress.

- 2019 Workforce Attitudes Towards Behavioral Health Report
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