The numbers are in — and they’re jarring. Depression and anxiety disorders cost our global economy $1 trillion in lost productivity each year.1 Mental health challenges create a tremendous strain on businesses, and the traditional mental healthcare model makes it hard for employees to access quality care. But there’s hope. Ginger’s 10+ years of peer-reviewed research have led to a new way of delivering mental health services that improve outcomes for employees and businesses alike.

Find out how Ginger’s on-demand system is estimated to save employers up to $302,000 per 100 engaged employees compared to the traditional model.

This whitepaper covers: 

  • The prevalence of mental health challenges and how it impacts business
  • How the Ginger system of care works
  • How Ginger’s clinical support can lead to better quality of life for members
  • Real-world cost savings for employers like you


1. World Health Organization. (2021, September 13). Depression.

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