On-Demand Panel discussion

Virtual Care: An Essential Return-To-Work Benefit

This expert panel offers HR leaders advice on how to support employees’ care needs as they build their return-to-work strategies

Featured Speakers

Dr. Dana Udall

Chief Clinical Officer at Ginger

Dr. Brad Younggren

Chief Medical Officer at 98point6

Dr. Chitra Akileswaran

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Cleo

Nicola Kamath

Head of Product Marketing at Ginger

About the Panel

During COVID-19, virtual providers have seen unprecedented levels of engagement. Research shows that not only are employees embracing this new modality, but in many cases they prefer to communicate with their providers digitally over traditional in-person methods.

In this virtual panel, clinical experts discuss observations of employees’ current challenges, how virtual care has helped workers in unique ways through this pandemic, and why it will remain key in supporting employees’ return-to-work transition.


  • Key challenges employees face as they return to work
  • How employee expectations around care have evolved throughout COVID-19 
  • Why virtual care will continue to see wide appeal among employees after COVID-19
  • How to build virtual care into your return-to-work strategy


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38% of employees have tried a technology-based mental health service. Of this group, 40% have tried it within the last week, 24% within the last month and 11% within the last 2 months.

- Ginger Workforce Attitudes Towards Mental Health Research, COVID-19 addendum, fielded April 1-3, 2020
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